Monday, 14 July 2014

The World Cup Final

So, after the fireworks of the semi finals I was expecting great things from the World Cup Final.  Two attacking teams with plenty of goals in them and the best player in the world to boot.  What followed was a good display of world class defending as both teams failed to score in normal time.  It was a wonder goal from Mario Gotze in extra time that decided the match and gave Germany their fourth World Cup.

The World Cup Food Challenge didn't disappoint either with a main course and two desserts on offer.

Below is the classified result of the 2014 World Cup (Food Challenge) Final.

Germany (Schwarzwälder kirschtorte) 1  v 0 Argentina (Choripán)

Well done to Lianne (Everything goes with Toast) and Steph (The Food I Eat) for cooking and blogging five dishes each for the two finalists over the course of the world cup.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Semi Finals

Well I think it's fair to say that nobody saw that coming!  Never in all of my years as a food blogger have I seen pasties humiliated 7-1 by fruit soaked in alcohol.  But that is exactly what has happened as Brazil have been knocked out of the World Cup (Food Challenge) by Germany.

Joining Germany in the final of the World Cup are Argentina whose chicken escalopes beat the pancakes of Holland in a tense penalty shoot out.

Below are the classified results of the Semi Finals of the 2014 World Cup (Food Challenge).

Brazil (Pastelzinho de Carne com Queijo) 1 v 7 (seven) Germany (Kirschwasser)
Netherlands (Poffertjes) 0 (2) v 0(4) Argentina (Chicken Milanesa)

So my pre tournament prediction of an all South American final has failed to materialise, but my favourites to win (Argentina) are still going strong.  There will be no update for the third place play off.  Lets be honest the teams don't want to play in that game and I'm sure that Rebecca from Really Nice Food and Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut don't want any part of it either.

Next up we have the grand final! Keep following #wcfc2014 for more updates.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Quarter Finals

Now we're getting serious, the last eight, and in the first time in World Cup history the Quarter Finals are populated by the eight teams that finished top of their respective groups.  For us that means that not only are the best eight teams still in the competition, but it also means that all eight food bloggers are still cooking and blogging recipies for their countries.

Sadly with the completion of these matches we will lose half of or bloggers.

Below is the classified results of the Quarter Finals of the 2014 World Cup (Food Challenge).

Brazil (Coxinhas) 2 v 1 Colombia (Papas Rellenas Colombianas)
France (Jarret de Veau) 0 v 1 Germany (Spatzle)
Netherlands (Erwtensoep) 0 (4) v 0 (3) Costa Rica (Sopa Negra)
Argentina (Spicy Beef Empanadas) 1 v 0 Belgium (Gaufres de Bruxelles)

So with the results in we say thank you and goodbye to Colombia (Soup Tuesday), France (Tonight's Menu), Costa Rica (Occasional Drivel), and Belgium (Food and Frets).  Next up it's the Semi Finals.  I wonder if there will be any shocks in store or will my pre-world cup prediction of an all South American final come true?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Last 16

It's been a crazy few days of football in the World Cup. The favourites have struggled, the underdogs have shown true fighting spirit, and with a few exceptions football has been the winner.  Or has it?  The food bloggers of the World Cup Food Challenge have been busy in their kitchens making sure that each team that got to the last 16 had a new dish to represent them.

Below is the classified results of the Last 16 of the 2014 World Cup (Food Challenge).

Brazil (Caipirinha) 1 (3) V 1 (2) Chile (Chilean Fish Stew)
Colombia (Ajiaco) 2 V 0 Uruguay (Chivito)
Netherlands (Boterkoak) 2 V 1 Mexico (Churros)
Costa Rica (Arroz con Pollo) 1 (5) V 1 (3) Greece (Avgolemono)
France (Choucroute Garnie) 2 V 0 Nigeria (Chin chin)
Germany (Gurkensalat) 2 V 1 Algeria (Sahlab)
Argentina (Dulce de Leche) 1 V 0 Switzerland (Pizzocheri)
Belgium (Aardappel Taart) 2 V 1 USA (BBQ Ribeye Steak)

In a bizarre twist of fate the World Cup has done something that it has never done before.  Never in the history of the competition have all eight winners of the group stage made it through to the quarter finals, yet that is exactly what has happened this year.  Each blogger has one team left.  The matches on Friday and Saturday really are knock out matches for our team of intrepid foodies.  This weekend will spell the end for four of us...but at least we'll get eight more recipes before the semi-finals.

Follow #wcfc2014 on twitter for updates.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Group Stage Round Up

And with the last kick of the ball in Sao Paulo, the group stage of the 2014 World Cup comes to an end.  There are now only 16 teams fighting it out to see who are currently the best Nation at playing Football.  What we do know is that Spain, Portugal and England aren't even close.

During the last week the final batch of countries have been represented by our blogging team.  Dishes from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland have been rustled up, consumed and written about.

So we have a meal from all thirty two of the participating nations.  Our list is complete.  They think the challenge is all over.  Well, it's not yet.

Today is a rest day, but tomorrow brings the start of the knockout stage of the World Cup and this challenge.  Every time a team plays, from now until the final, including the third place match, another dish will be added for that country.  Keep checking the countries list for updates and links and follow #wcfc2014 on twitter for the chat behind the food.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Week Two Round Up

No sooner had the magical online ink dried on the first weekly round up of the World Cup Food Challenge than disaster had struck for one of the biggest teams of the tournament.  World and European football champions were sent crashing out of the world cup after their second defeat in two games, this time a 2:0 thrashing by Chile.

Alphabetically Australia were the first team to be knocked out but I doubt that is any consolation to Spanish football fans, or English fans as it wasn't long before England were sent packing from the greatest show on earth too. There is still one more meaningless match for England to play against Costa Rica, who against all the odds, have already guaranteed their progress into the knockout stage of the World Cup.

All of the football action aside the bloggers of the World Cup food Challenge have been busy in their kitchens.  Since the last update, food from Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cote D'Ivoire, Croatia, Ecuador, England, Mexico, Portugal and South Korea has been cooked for your pleasure.  From cuttle fish to goat and a bangers and mash pie, it's been a busy week.

By Thursday evening we'll know which teams are though to the next round, who they'll be playing against and most importantly, we'll be able to start planning what food to cook for the next part of the challenge.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Week One Round Up

What a week of sport it had been! Andy Murray got knocked out of Queen's, Martin Kaymer won the US Open and Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma.  There was also the small matter of the World Cup.

All 32 of the teams have now played once, with varying levels of success.  There have been shocks; who thought Costa Rica would beat Uruguay?  There have been contentious issues; that never should have been a penalty for Brazil against Croatia.  We have seen what could be the goal of the tournament, if not of the year; Robin Van Persie take a bow.

But while all of this sport has been taking place the more important matter of the World Cup Food Challenge has kicked off in earnest.  So far dishes from Columbia, France, Germany, Greece, Ghana, Honduras, Iran, Japan, USA, and Uruguay have been cooked, eaten, and written about.

There is still plenty more to play for and to eat.  We still have the food of 22 countries to be examined before the group stage is out.  By the time of the next update we may have already lost some teams, or know which countries to expect additional recipes from.  You can follow the action as it happens, here or on Twitter on the hashtag #wcfc2014.